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In the Name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

Mola Ali (A.S.) declares: Listen and comprehend and believe and then do so! This is the value of human!


Monday 2014-03-17

These are for those who trouble themselves for the New year holidays and are the slaves of the mortal world:

Mola Ali (A.S) declares:
1- I have not seen a friend better than keeping tongue.
2- I have not seen clothing more beautiful than surrendering before God and virtue.
3- I have not seen any wealth worthier than contentment.
4- I have not seen benefit better than mercy and kindness. (Take each others hands.)
5- I have not seen any meal more delicious than patience in God's path.

Mola Ali (A.S) declares: Take these four pieces of advice from me and do them:
1- Do not hope to anyone but God.
2- Do not fear anything but your own sin.
3- Ignorant should not shame of not knowing the answer to a question and should not shame of telling: "God knows better".
4- Relation of patience to faith is like a head to body, those who do not have patience have no faith.

 May God help us Succeed to do so.








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 Heiat Hazrat Aliakbar Peace upon him


In the Name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

O`God your praise and Bless be upon your Heir  "IMAM MAHDI" may the God Lord rapidize his appearance. And his lineage. Be his Guard, Guide. Aid, Leader and eye-sight now and until you grant him peace on Earth and may your continue.



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Master Sheikh Ali Akbar Tehrani has hold meeting in west of Tehran for about 36 years, on Qur`an, commands and  speeches, articles of God and Massoomin says to people the same as it was. His graceful meetings are held nowadays as




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